A little bit about me…

My skills include :

Laura Galvin

A creative professional equipped with a combination of visual design and web coding skills. Strengths include efficiency, problem-solving skills, a diverse professional background and entrepreneurial experience.

Background: I received my formal art and design education in New York from both the School of Visual Arts, and Fashion Institute of Technology, from whom I received my Bachelor’s of Fine Art. My professional career began working for an emerging NY fashion retailer where I worked closely with the founder and absorbed valuable business and marketing skills in addition to design and photo editing experience. I later learned the basics of web coding, and after a move to Seattle I was hired at a rapidly growing insurance lead generation company where I refined my web design and coding skills as part of an in-house design team. I decided to change direction and explore Central America next, where I found myself volunteering and designing for trade as I traveled and explored Costa Rica and Panama. I was hired for a contract job in Panama City heading the design department of a tech company where I improved my Spanish and got the “working abroad” experience. Continuing my overseas stint in Costa Rica, I then started my own design agency after seeing a great demand in the local market for quality design. Partnered with a fellow designer and entrepreneur, Nomad Design House was created and has been growing since 2014 as a full service creative agency for mainly expat-owned small businesses in Central America.

Mission: To continue expanding my experience and skills in all visual and technical realms related to graphic design and web development. Currently seeking opportunities at non-profit organizations.

Inspiration & Interests: Nature & environmentalism, fine arts, fashion, fractals and sacred geometry, organic textures, fonts, vintage styling, people watching, learning languages, cafés, travel, animals, philosophy, yoga and healthy food.

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